Mr. Burns, a post-electric play

We’re fucked so why not re-live the greatest TV show ever made?

At the end of civilised society, six strangers hang out in the woods with some beers and re-tell that Cape Fear episode of The Simpsons. The world they know is quickly ending but fuck thinking about that! Gather round that old brown couch and warm yourself in the nuclear glow of Springfield.

Murdoch University presents Anne Washburn’s three act epic about the world’s favourite four-fingered family, the everlasting effect of storytelling, and the future of the human race.

Presented by Murdoch University & the class of EGL353
Perth season: 22-25 Oct, 2019
Director & Lighting Designer: Scott McArdle | Musical Director: Ryan Hunt | Assistant Director: Nic Doig | Sound Designer: Brendan Miskelly | Technical Operator: Roisin Keiley | Set Builders: John King & Tim Brain| Stage Manager: Thomas Wendt | Costume Designer: Sophie Braham | Choreographer: Shannon Rogers | Makeup Artist: Jessica Foulstone | Assistant Stage Managers: Teijin Nureddin & Daniel Bradshaw | Box Office: Jacob Murphy & Dhurba Karki
Starring: Hannah Summers, Beth Williams, Domenic Scriva, Harrison Mitchell, Declan Atkinson, Sarah Papadoulis, Shelby Foster, Ken P’ogwaro, Sabrina Wyatt, Sheila Maniam, Kaylene Neve, Tristan Peers, Injeong Hwang, Katie Ward, Cassie Power, Max Conroy, Maximilliano Lafont, Evie MacPherson, Danielle MacDonald, Maggie Cope-Thomas

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