Gothic horror nightmare

Victor Frankenstein. Son, brother, fiancé, student, murderer. A man obsessed with the line between life and death. A line that he crosses and a Creature that is born in lightning and dead flesh. Two souls that cannot exist without each other and destined to destroy the other.

So who is the real monster?

Penned by award-winning Perth writer, Scott McArdle, this new adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic breathes new life into one of the world’s greatest stories.

★★★★ – The Theatre Diary
★★★★ – Metior Magazine
Presented by Second Chance Theatre & Nexus Theatre
Premiere season: 21-23 July, 2016
Writer: Mary Shelley | Adaptor/Director: Scott McArdle | Production Designer: Ally Snell | Costuming: Sophie Braham | Stage Manager: Georgia Smith | Assistant Stage Manager: Dylan Dorotich | Makeup: Leah Toyne | Composer: Drew Krapljanov | Sound Designer: Katie Southwell | Lighting Designer: Scott McArdle | Projectionist: George Ashforth | Production Managers: Andrew David & Scott McArdle | Publicist: Krista Tanuwibawa | Photographer: EClaire Photography | Documentist: David Cox Media
Starring: Scott McArdle, Laughton Mckenzie, Rhianna Hall, Shannon Rogers, Launce Ronzan, Izzy McDonald, John King, Toni Vernon, Ellin Sears, Jenia Gladziejewski, Andrew David, Stephen Platt, Alex McVey, Rhys Hyatt, Abbey McCaughan, Kate Willoughby, Daniel Buckle, Justin Crossley, Tay Broadley, Andrew Dawson, and Joel Sammels

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