Between Solar Systems

Science fiction thriller

As a child, Vincent was the only survivor of the catastrophic drowning of the Earth, and was launched into space to preserve the human race. 25 years pass as Vincent travels through space approaching a new planet, his only company the spaceship’s virtual intelligence.

But the enclosed and rational world Vincent lives in is suddenly turned upside down by the ship’s rapid decay and the discovery that he may not be alone on board…

When all you’ve ever known is limited to a computer’s memory, how can you discover the biggest secret of your life?

Between Solar Systems, written by Scott McArdle with the guidance of Finegan Kruckemeyer, is a thrilling science fiction take on a poignant tale of human existence and the pursuit of truth.

★★★★★ – OUTinPerth
★★★★☆ – Theatre People
★★★★ – ArtsHub
Winner: Best Production Team (The Blue Room Theatre Awards)
Nominated: Best Actor – Nick Maclaine (Performing Arts WA Awards)
Nominated: Best Supporting Actress – Emily David (Performing Arts WA Awards)
Nominated: Best Newcomer – Emily David (Performing Arts WA Awards)
Presented by The Blue Room Theatre & Second Chance Theatre
Premiere season: 8-26 September, 2015
Writer, Director, Lighting Design: Scott McArdle | Starring: Nick Maclaine, Emily David & Jo Morris | Dramaturg: Finegan Kruckemeyer | Designer: Sara Chirichilli | Costume Designer: Sophie Braham | Sound Designer: Tim Brain | Composer: Drew Krapljanov | Stage Manager: Daley King | Publicist: Krista Tanuwibawa

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