Work From Home

A short sci-fi film about the joys of climate change

Scott McArdle and David Cox reunite on a new short film currently in pre-production and due to shoot in late 2020, all about classism, climate change, and taxidermy.

In the not-so-distant future, all Australians work from home. They strap into their Sensory and Communication Masks (ScoMo) and peddle all day long, ignoring their overheating world outside.

All but one.

Mags is a janitor. She goes from home-to-home fixing, cleaning, and feeding the workers who are unaware of her presence. Her only company is her taxidermied dog, Malvern. But one day, Mags finds one of the workers dead on the job and her entire world begins to collapse.

Cast: Nicola Bartlett, Nick Maclaine, Mararo Wangai, Emily David, Matt Penny, Sean Walsh, and Malvern the Dog

Writer-director: Scott McArdle
Director of Photography: David Cox
Production Designers: Anna Sheehy & Andrew David
Producer: Harrison Mitchell | Assistant Director: Steven Clarke
Gaffer: Jess Russell | Sound: Luke Moore | Makeup: Leah Toyne
Composer: Robert Woods | Editor: Danielle MacDonald