Twin Town

Spooky UFO abductions with a ’90s aesthetic

The brainchild of Scott McArdle and David Cox, Twin Town is the X-Files x Fear Street x Stranger Things. Set on the fictional island of Twinton off the coast of south-west WA, this short web series follows three friends as they try to uncover the mystery behind a missing local girl and stumble across an intergenerational secret, buried in the island’s past. Is it actually aliens or are people the true evil in Twinton?

This project is still in pre-production as we applying for funding but in early 2017, Scott and David gathered a whole bunch of familiar faces to shoot a proof-of-concept trailer.


Writer-Director: Scott McArdle | Director of Photography: David Cox | Production Designer: Andrew David | Costume Designer: Sophie Braham | Composer: Glenn Tippett | Assistant Director: Georgia Smith | Photography: Lizzy Wharton & Jamie Breen
Starring: Emily David, Rhianna Hall, Tristan McInnes, Nick Maclaine, Jo Morris, Hannah Summers, Daniel Buckle, Tim Green

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