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Hi there!
It’s been a loooooooong time since using the SCT mailing list so I’m gonna catch you up. Warning: it’s a little bit on the long side but I’ll try to keep it interesting.

Last year (oh god it was so long ago) had a few milestones that I’m really proud of:

  1. Taking away the Performing Arts WA award for Best Director of an Independent Production (Scott McArdle for Josephine!) 🏆
  2. NEXT, our co-production with Murdoch Uni. This saw a cast of students learning from indie artists to put on a triple bill of new work in June and smashing it! 👊
  3. Playthings – our latest The Blue Room Theatre production and 20th production. We got a lot of love for this one and took out the Member’s Choice award at TBRT Awards and Best Supporting Actor (St John Cowcher) at the PAWAs. Cheers 🥂

Big love to everyone who saw, supported, and cheered us on from the sidelines in 2019.

After some much needed R&R in December, I made the decision that SCT was going to split its time and resources between theatre and film.
It’s been a huge 9 months of meeting with funding bodies, developing strategic plans, chatting to artists about new collaborations, and more. The result is a production schedule that stretches to 2022, chock full of new WA stories.

I’m very proud to announce our debut short film (filming in Nov):

That little video is all footage that David (Director of Photography) and I have shot over the past 5 years together – a taster of what we’ve done with literally zero budget. There’s also some bassy tunes from Georgina Cramond – who you may remember from Josephine!

I’ve been working on this script since Dec, 2019 – that’s right, it’s a pre-pandemic title (just my luck). It’s gone through edit-after-edit with the help of the keen minded and brilliant Alexa Taylor, and has a stellar cast and crew attached (check out our website for a full list).

In true SCT form, it’s ambitious: a 20min, mini sci-fi epic in the vein of Gattaca, Arrival, and The Matrix 🚀🚀🚀

Not only that, we’re shooting during a global pandemic. We’re currently very lucky in WA to be able to create new work like this. Originally due to shoot in July, we pushed back to Nov so we could prepare contingency plans and work with our venues to ensure a COVID safe production. We’re determined to keep creating WA stories for WA audiences and (with our film work) audiences around the world.

Never before has it been more vital to support the arts.

We’re currently raising funds to make Work From Home a reality, and we need your help.
Every dollar counts, so if you’re in a position to give, it’d mean the world to us ❤️
(If you can’t spare the change, sharing it to your mates goes a long way too!)
Just hit that donate button ⬇️⬇️⬇️

We’re full steam ahead until 2021! To stay updated on Work From Home (and a few other SCT surprises) make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram (but we’ll also do a monthly email update too).
For now, enjoy a couple of photos by David Cox from some of our location visits.

Ta and stay safe x
(Artistic Director and location visit model)